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About ABCD Adventures

Make life your best adventure!

Pictured: Honolulu December 2021
Why I became a Travel Agent

My love of travel began when I was a little kid. My dad was in the military and we were stationed from one military base to the next. I even married a military man and continued to explore the US through military bases for the next decade.


While eventually my husband retired from the military, my travel life continued through my two beautiful daughters and their activities. I have traveled to the Grand Canyon (my favorite trip ever) for Girl Scouts; to Hawaii with the Marching Band (lending a hand in the 80th Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade); other school trips and more!


My family loves to travel as well. Over the last 25 years, my husband, my two daughters and myself have traveled all over for family vacations. Each year we attempt to find a new place we haven’t hit! We have so many more wonderful adventures to plan. Using my experience of travel (both with kids and without), my next goal is to help families plan wonderful adventures of their own!


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